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Central Library Poornima University

Poornima University Library was established in 2012 with the aim of imparting pragmatic education. In its magnificent journey of 08  years, PU Library has set benchmarks and  reached new pinnacles in education with dedication, perseverance and devotion. To make the library operation smoothly technology is very helpful. Automation of the library helps and takes some of the workload off of librarians and other staff members in the areas of acquisitions, cataloging and circulation, which in turn allows them to better serve their patrons. This extra time can lead to more programs being facilitated in the library and make library staff available to answer reference questions and help people who are having trouble researching or finding the right information. It is also helpful for users.

In order to meet the contemporary needs of the library user, the central library offers the following value added Services:

  • Current Awareness Service

  • E-Books Access

  • E-Journal [Full-text] Access

  • Higher Education Service

  • Inter Library Loan Service

  • Internet Service

  • Newspaper Clippings

  • Reprography Service

  • Service for Career & Placement Aids

  • Reference Service ( P.hD Thesis , Dessertation, Reports, Bound Journals , CD/DVDs)

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Poornima University Library Timings

Days Timings
8.00 am to 8.00 pm
Circulation Hours
8.00 am to 3.30 pm
Reference Section 8.00 am to 8.00pm

Library Events

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Library @ Glance

Items Collection
Books Vol.  42950
Books Titles 8750
Journals (Print) 91
Magazine (Print) 35
Thesis 37
Dissertation 168
Rare Books 505
Proceedings 34
CD / DVD's 1869

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