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The story of architecture : from antiquity to the present

Architecture in ancient Egypt --
Classical Greece and Hellenism --
The architecture of the Roman Empire --
Early Christian and Byzantine architecture. ISLAM. From Muhammed to the fall of Granada --
The great Ottoman era. THE ROMANESQUE PERIOD. Caralingian and Ottonian architecture --
The high Romanesque period under the Salians and Hohenstaufens --
Alternatives to Imperial Architecture. GOTHIC. Classical cathedral Gothic in France --
The Gothic style in England --
The Gothic style in Germany --
The Gothic style in Italy. RENAISSANCE. Florence and the early Renaissance --
High and late Renaissance (Mannerism) --
The Renaissance north of the Alps. BAROQUE AND ROCOCO. The emergence of the Baroque in Italy --
Palaces and gardens in France --
The Baroque in Germany and Rococo --
England and the trend towards Classicism. CLASSICISM. Enlightenment and revolution architecture --
Classicism as state architecture. HISTORICISM AND INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE. Historicism --
Industrial architecture --


Architecture -- History. Architecture.

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